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Reports have been released on how Indonesia has been experiencing terrorism threats in the past months. The Australian government has advised each traveler to exercise a high degree of caution, including Bali. These kinds of statements serve as warning to Indonesian government of its impending effects to tourism in the country.

Moreover, the recent reports regarding severe penalties for narcotics offences including death penalty; some specific health risks and risks associated with natural disasters keeps tourists and even locals from spending their holidays and vacations in some specific islands in the archipelago. Many business owners are now filing complaints on their loss in income and business opportunities.

Informers of Westhill Consulting Travel and Tours say that the government of Australia claims to receive information indicating that terrorists may be planning to attack Indonesia. With the number of islands left unsecured and easier access to ports, many analysts say illegal penetration may be possible. The authorities ask people to pay close attention to personal security at all times and monitor the media for information about possible news safety and security risks.

Are these threats and claims fake and made-up with the ill intention of preventing the wonderful place of Indonesia to gain in their booming tourism economy?

On 3 January 2015, the US Government warned of a potential threat against US-associated hotels and banks in Surabaya and Jakarta. Gatherings at places of worship during periods of religious significance have been targeted in the past, particularly in places like Poso and Solo, and could be attacked again. Terrorists have also previously attacked or planned to attack such places, including nightclubs, bars, restaurants, international hotels, airports and places of worship in Bali, Jakarta and elsewhere in Indonesia.

Terrorist groups remain active throughout Indonesia despite police disruptions. Police continue to conduct operations against these groups and have stated publicly that terrorist suspects remaining at large may seek to attack Western targets.

Even the natural calamities are being forewarned to tourists. Indonesia is subject to a range of natural disasters including volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis and floods. Individuals should pay close attention to emergency procedures and monitor local warnings.

Visitors to Indonesia, particularly to tourist locations such as Bali and Lombok, should be aware of the specific risks from crime, and from drink-spiking and consumption of alcohol adulterated with harmful substances such as methanol. Tourists may also be exposed to scams and credit card/ATM fraud. There has been an increase in reports of violent crime in Bali, including muggings in the Kuta area.